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as a child around 2006 i remember playing this siries i was 8-9 years old back then on my XP OS, i will never forget the name deyala [yes i butered it i am going to miss speell the wole review becouse with all this miss info i managed to find this game 10 years after so deal with it] i found this game on yahoo games back then, do not know why i still remembered it after all these years. fast forward 10 years later i beat them all i am glad i know i am writing a review for the final game and i did not write anything for the ones before but whatever in any case good game and nostalgia

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Russian song +1
clicking the boy gives money from the neck +1
thug life +1
black and white +1
kid is the best thing in the game +1
but seriously i like it its nice

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i usually don't play visual novel anime or any game for that matter who's only purpose is to tell a story, if you mix a story with other actions like a shooter or whatever but there is the option to skip that's cool, but this time i decided to give this kind of game it's attention, and despite making multiple saves to get back to later, getting the forever alone ending, and just in general going thru what i did, is more then enough, it really appealed to me actually since i am in college and i am also socially awkward and i don't like communicating to say i do not talk to anyone is a lie but that's besides the point, i must say i really enjoyed the game and it is really unlikely that i enjoy a story game since i also tend to have a cold side when it comes to things that do not concern me and, in my point of view its something you should try, all in all, i enjoyed my time and for that i thank you sir.
also i don't have an in between meter i either love something or i hate something some times sure i chose a different score but its mostly full right or full left.

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heard it for the first time when i was playing Super D back when i was a kid really nice track, and it's catchy REALLY CATCHY

heard this first time when i was playing Super D when i was a kid and despite this only being in the main menu its still a really catchy song, really nice loop good job

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